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Expression of made in Italy, SIC, with its multidisciplinary team, exports to Libya with its know-how, know-how to restore and know-how to build.

SIC – Studio Italia Costruzioni is an Italian company based in Treviso, one of the seven provinces of the Veneto region, 40 kilometers from Venice, which operates in the sector of conservative restoration, construction, and the recovery of building artefacts.

Bringing the Made in Italy quality mark in the field of construction and restoration, this is the main objective of Studio Italia Costruzioni: thanks to the international and qualified workforce, SIC knows how to fulfil the needs of modern architecture and the challenges that arise
from the conservation and restoration of world heritage by merging art and technology, tradition and innovation, bringing the excellence of Made in Italy to the world, focusing on quality, design, safety and customer satisfaction.

With a specialized and multidisciplinary team made up of architects, designers, engineers, restorers, technicians and Italian construction site manpower with proven experience, competence and knowledge, SIC is able to operate at its best both in restoration and in other specific areas.

SIC also takes care of the other construction works (demolition, construction, redevelopment), of the electrical systems, of the IT data lines, of the surveillance and security systems, of the installation of the electronic devices linked to automation and domotics, of the installation of water, thermoregulation and cooling systems. SIC, with its team, is present in Libya where it is working on two exceptional projects: the recovery of the Koranic School located in the Al Dhahara district and the restoration of the Islamic Museum located in Sidi al Khalifa, both in the Libyan city of Tripoli: two interventions started in 2009, then suspended due to internal vicissitudes of the country.

Since 2022 SIC has distinguish itself for resuming operations in Libya in both sites which over the last ten years have been carefully protected by Libyan personnel appointed by the Italian Headquarters.


From the restoration of historical buildings to the renovation of great world heritage monuments, passing through the modern design of commercial buildings: this is SIC's mission.

In the construction sites where it works, SIC brings to the forefront the professionalism, the ability to innovate, the availability and inspiration of the Italian character, respecting the connections and deep ties between the Libyan and Italian peoples that have been handed down for centuries.

Furthermore, relying on SIC means relying on a single point of contact who manages each phase of the project, the timing, the critical issues, coordinating each person in the team: a guarantee that the intervention or renovation is completed on time and in the manner established.


SIC is established in 2009 as a result of a synergic collaboration between teams with decades of experience and simultaneously takes onboard the tasks for both the restoration and construction of the Koranic School and the Islamic Museum of Tripoli. The internal unrest in Libya forced the interruption of the works until the beginning of 2022, the year in which SIC resumed the two interventions to complete them soon.

  1. 2009
    SIC is born.

    SIC is appointed to take care of the restoration and construction of the Koranic School and the Islamic Museum of Tripoli.

  2. 1999
  3. 2011
    Beginning of internal turmoil in Libya

    blockade of construction sites and active protection of the two sites.

  4. 1999
  5. 2022
    End of Unrest

    SIC returns to Libya to complete aborted projects.

  6. 1999
Today the recovery of historic buildings is as important as their construction.

The restoration and recovery of ancient historic buildings that SIC deals with is in line with the increasingly important "ecological thinking" in the economy of peoples and the world.

Furthermore, the work, decisions and interventions carried out by SIC in everyday life underlie very specific rules: above all, respect for the values of customers and the places in which they operate. SIC pays great attention to respect for the environment in its many forms as well as the safety of its collaborators.

SIC makes use of trained and competent Italian and local personnel.

In particular, the experience and professionalism of the local technical staff are an important added value that the company cares about. Furthermore, large investments in training of local technical personnel are provided by SIC which creates new skills in the country by offering professional growth and opportunities to Libyan workers.

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