SIC rediscovers, enhances and protects the most incredible treasures of cultural heritage by exporting the concept of "Made in Italy restoration " also abroad.
SIC, with his team, is present in Libya where he is working on two exceptional projects.

Restoring means first of all recovering what already exists and what has historical value.

Recovering and respecting the fundamental elements of a building to give it a new use in a constant balance between the needs of conservation and those of functional updating:

this is the conservative restoration that SIC carries out with care, competence and professionalism.

Today the recovery of historic buildings is as important as their construction.



Anas-Ben Malek
Paradigm of the history of Tripoli, it will once again be a place of culture and prayer.



Islamic Museum
Emblem of the historic link between Italy and Libya, a treasure chest of Islamic treasures.
who we are

Expression of made in Italy, SIC, with its multidisciplinary team, exports to Libya with its know-how, know-how to restore and know-how to build.

SIC – Studio Italia Costruzioni is an Italian company based in Treviso, one of the seven provinces of the Veneto region, 40 kilometers from Venice, which operates in the sector of conservative restoration, construction, and the recovery of building artefacts.
With a specialized and multidisciplinary team made up of architects, designers, engineers, restorers, technicians and Italian construction site manpower with proven experience, competence and knowledge, SIC is able to operate at its best both in restoration and in other specific areas.

Bringing the Made in Italy quality mark in the field of construction and restoration, this is the main objective of Studio Italia Costruzioni.

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A group that offers all the necessary skills to realise a turnkey project thanks to the collaboration of the internal divisions, the beating heart of the company.


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