A single group that offers all the skills necessary to carry out a turnkey project thanks to the collaboration of the internal divisions, the beating heart of the company.

SIC is developed through four distinct divisions to which as many work teams belong.

Operationally, it is constantly looking for technological solutions resulting from the engineering skills developed in the company

The excellent organizational skills allow to manage very complex projects with frequent quality checks carried out during the entire production to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness, reducing waste of time and material and limiting the overall cost of the work.
Arch. Giuseppe Cangialosi

The architectural practice managed by Arch. Cangialosi offers innovative solutions through close collaboration with architects

right from the preliminary design phase and promotes the application of eco-compatible technologies to architecture, which translate into significant energy and economic savings, as well as an improvement in life inside buildings and the well-being of those who live and work there.

Maximum attention is paid to the design of the construction sites to guarantee the highest standards of safety, cost-effectiveness and strict compliance with deadlines.


Geom. A. Cecconato

It takes care of supporting the other divisions with professionals and specialists in masonry, plasterboard, painting, installers.

A special sub-division deals with conservative restoration working with reversible and non-invasive techniques for the enhancement of the historical evolution of the monuments. It uses materials selected on the basis of analysis that guarantee high standards of functionality and use. Apply environmentally friendly technologies to architecture, for energy savings and cost optimization. Invests in the workforce with training activities and compliance with safety standards on construction sites.
Dr. Andrea Cecconato

Develop and verifies the conformity of the hydro-thermo-sanitary systems pursuing three objectives:

compliance with regulations, quality of the materials used and guarantee of maximum duration and effectiveness over time of the systems installed.
Mr. Alex Casagrande

It offers support to the technical figures of the other divisions to achieve the most suitable and functional energy solutions for the project.

It installs and validates the electrical systems and guarantees ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

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